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Football award concept REDEFINING ‘achievement’ and ‘excellence’

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Awards inspired
by football heroes


Football has the unique power to inspire and influence and we recognize the heroes of the game who excel on and off the pitch continuing to shape the future and change the world. Today’s players will be tomorrow’s legends and mentors to future generations of talent. We honor their passion for the game and their positive influence on today’s dynamically changing, global society.

The Football Achievers Awards aim to deliver world class events in some of the best international venues in the world, bringing together the talent on the pitch with the talent off it. Each year the awards will recognise the most influential stars of the past and the future.




Lifetime Achievement

This special award will recognise football role models, both on and off the pitch. We want to pay tribute to the players and coaches who have showed a ‘lifetime’ commitment to developing the players they work with. Helping them reach for the impossible and inspiring them to succeed in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd.



This is an award that will recognise up the future talent in football. They will be an exceptional player who is taking the football world by storm and has ignited the imaginations of fans across the globe, while showcasing sportsmanship and fair play values.



Here we want to recognise one of football’s heroes, someone who has had an extraordinary influence and has been a dominant force on the pitch. They constantly create moments of history. They inherit the spirit of sport at their core. They inspire us and they influence the world.



The women’s game is taking the world by storm. More and more people around the globe are playing the sport, talking about the sport and with the FIFA Women’s World Cup on the horizon in France this summer,
there’s no better time to be involved. There’s so many people who have been at the centre of driving interest in women’s football and we want to acknowledge the special work they’re doing to inspire future generations.



An award that recognises one of the most important figures in the game of football. The coach. Speak to any player about who had the biggest impact on their career and more often that not, a coach will get their recognition. This award will pay tribute to their skill and what makes them what they are. We want to recognise the relentless nature and drive they have to deliver success for their players and their teams.  

Football personality

Today’s dynamic media landscape and social media driven society deserve leaders of opinion. They are a player who understands the responsibility that comes with being a professional footballer and having access to a global audience so they can drive the news agenda in a positive fashion to engage passionate debate and opinions in the game.



The media have a huge part to play in continuing to inform and educate people about football – on and off the pitch. They have an influence on how we perceive the game should be played, how a refereeing decision should have played out or quite often they can highlight the good of the game by talking about something happening behind the scenes you maybe weren’t aware of. The nominees of this award should have done that in abundance and we want to recognise the way they are helping influence the game positively.


2019 special award

A special award that recognises unique achievement in football and honouring the commitment, effort and talent.


Building global connections


concept that bridges the gap between the players and the fans

The vision behind the concept of the awards is to make this inclusive annual event a leading model across Europe, paying tribute to the greatness of those in international football and global sport, helping inspire future generations of the game.

The organisers want to appeal to the international football family, with an exciting concept that connects players and fans across the globe and awards those who positively impact the football community.

As the football’s global impacts grows, it is vital to observe and respect cultural differences and be ready to redefine the definition of a football fan and adapt to new ways of expressing the love for the beautiful game.

The Football Achievers Awards is unique. The new awards concept will see a major European city host a separate Nominations Ceremony every year (Monaco in 2019) as a prelude to the Awards Ceremony, this year in the host city of Guizhou in China.

The purpose of this ceremony in particular is to highlight the achievements of all the award nominees, who will be announced across the evening.

For the organisers, hosting the inaugural event in a tremendous setting like Monte Carlo in 2019 is an amazing opportunity to explain this concept further to some of the leading international figures in sport.

The partners of the 2019 event are Taiyan Culture and Huaxi District. Together with media partner, Tencent.


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