The first Football Achievers Awards Ceremony

On July 13 at 7:00 p.m. in Nanchengmen, Qingyan Ancient Town, Huaxi district, the first Football Achievers Award Ceremony was opened.

 In the award ceremony attended Vice-mayor of Guiyang Municipal People's Government Wei Dingmei, former vice-president of the Chinese Football Association, Secretary General Wang Junsheng, Vice President of the National Sports Schools Union, Liu Yaqun, President of the China Olympic Sports Group, Mr. Mei Jun, Mayor of Huaxi District, Huaxi District Deputy Mr. District Pipeline and Tong Hui, deputy head of the Huaxi district.  There were also almost 100 well-known media from all over the country: Sun Nan, Tan Weiwei, Tomahawk Band, Inter-Space Conversation Band, The Residence, voXXclub and many other singers.

Aleksandra Wasielewska